Reinvent the Construction Industry With Productization

 Prefabrication isn’t enough. For true scalability and speed, learn why sustainable construction leaders need productization and virtual twins to unlock new value.


Customers’ expectations are higher than ever.

On one hand, the market demands healthy, regenerative, beautiful spaces designed to improve the human experience and enhance a community. On the other hand, clients expect affordability, speed, scalability, and mass-production levels of efficiency. Plus, project requirements are unique and highly customized to meet the owner’s specific needs, site constraints, and local labor markets. 


To scalably deliver optimal occupant experiences, construction teams must:


Deliver on the promise of a better built environment.

Embrace productization. Integration-ready construction modules power a scalable, generative, multi-trade approach that reduces cost while enhancing creativity. 


Collaborate seamlessly. Teams working together for the first time need to get on the same page quickly—and stay there. Avoid budget overruns and schedule delays by modeling the entire project in a virtual environment.


Integrate technical know-how with creative chops. Designers, engineers, trades and module integrators collaboratively model the project to test constructibility, optimize processes and keep quality and cost aligned.


Deliver high-quality projects on an accelerated timeline. A collaborative platform allows AEC teams to deliver high-quality projects in less time without compromise.


Increase variability. Generative design capabilities allow designers to extrapolate tailor-made shapes from a library of integration-ready modules, making mass customization a reality.


Reuse configurable modules. Accelerate timelines and deliver complex projects simultaneously. Build systems off-cycle, independently from a project and create a library of reusable tailor-made shapes that can be scaled across a development portfolio.


As part of its smart city blueprint, Hong Kong, China government wanted to establish a Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI). Arup and Dassault Systèmes jointly proposed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as the foundation of the CSDI to Hong Kong, China’s planning department to optimize smart city operation and management.

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A Modular Strategy in Action

Fundamentally transforming the way buildings are designed and delivered.

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