Submarine Drone | Activities

Duration 2 minutes 21

Discover our learning experience: how to create a submarine drone with 3DEXPERIENCE.

This Learning experience can target 12-18 years old students with the first activities (Subs in School challenge) but also higher education students in engineering.


This training course is based on Marine & Offshore topics and inspired by the SUBS in Schools Challenge.
It will give you all resources you need to participate in the SUBS in schools and to have the necessary background in order to start the other activities (3D Modeling, Topological Optimization, Virtual Reality, Engineering System.).


Key Concepts Covered:

  • About Submarine Learning Experience
  • Base Design: change the design of a specific part of the submarine
  • Knowledge: understand parameters and formulas on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Topological Optimization: optimize your parts for 3Dprinting
  • Virtual Reality: simulate the submarine assembly in VR
  • Systems engineering: Run and simulate the submarine connecting the virtual twin and the physical submarine

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