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Discover our learning experience: how to control the Arduino Robot with the 3DEXPERIENCE

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, students can control both the Robotic Arm and its virtual model, using ARDUINO™ as an interface. They can simulate their ideas with a virtual proof-of-concept before ever physically creating anything. They get the experience of digital 3D simulations in conjunction with physical interactions. The connection between both processes enables the 3DEXPERIENCE to control the robot and retrieve feed-back to update the model.

This experience leads to hardware-in-the-loop and model-in-the-loop projects as cutting-edge industrial processes. It can be used as a first experience as well as a flipped lab at home or at school.


Key Concepts Covered:

  • Introduction to CATIA Systems connected to ARDUINO™
  • Control Real and Digital Servomotor
  • Robotic Arm



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