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Why collaborative product design means more resilient businesses

Cloud-based design and collaboration can help manufacturers thrive in uncertain times

A key advantage of cloud-based design and engineering applications are their ability to share information and ideas over vast distances in real-time. This not only provides a platform to maintain engineering and operational efficiency, but also creates a closer connection with customers. In the past, this was a competitive advantage, but the disruption caused by the global pandemic has made such capabilities business critical.

Cloud-based design has an array of benefits for manufacturing and engineering businesses, no matter their size or market. An example is the success of bespoke sports aircraft developer BRM AERO. To maintain their competitive edge, BRM AERO wanted a public cloud-based platform so they could more closely collaborate with their customers, wherever they were located. To achieve this, they turned to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE is a cloud-based platform that is easily scalable to best meet a company’s specific requirements. For BRM Aero, it enabled them to work more closely and flexibly with their customers to test new designs and adjust their specific requirements. These changes could then be shared with specialized engineers working remotely around the world to bring the designs to life.

Our customers can submit new ideas or wishes for their aircraft and if it doesn’t interfere with the plane’s safety, we do our best to satisfy them. Because of this flexibility, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes it easier to adapt our designs in real time and show our customers, in a digital environment, what their plane will look like.
Milan Bristela
Milan Bristela

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud has a twofold benefit for companies like BRM Aero. Firstly, it enables them to build a deeper experience for their customers, helping them stay connected anytime, anywhere, throughout the product lifecycle. From virtual collaboration during the ideation processes, immediate customization throughout the development phase, to the ability to share 3D mock-ups of final products via a secure connected ecosystem.

Secondly, it allows for superior engineering capabilities and operational efficiency by delivering best in class design, engineering and simulation solutions. This includes pre-integrated specifications for regulatory constraints and easy solution deployment, with access to upgrades and support no matter where you are.

The digital continuity provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps businesses such as BRM AERO continue to operate effectively even amid a period of unprecedented uncertainty. It helps them stay closer to their customers so they can be open and flexible in how they can best serve them through the distribution, while maintaining a high standard of engineering excellence throughout. Cloud-based solutions are a critical tool for helping manufacturers of all stripes navigate the new normal, and to prepare for the business realities beyond. 

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