The construction industry is facing extreme demands for speed, sustainability and customization. One approach  to meet these demands is to break free of the constraints of today’s trade-based prefabrication and subcontractor coordination mentalities. Productization drives more value, offers more scalability and bypasses financial sinkholes rampant in trade-based industrialized processes.

As productization becomes more widespread, construction value chain players will reorganize and collaborate more closely through virtual twins. GCs will serve as prime integrators of multi-trade modules. Specialty contractors will morph into virtual makers. Microfactories will become more prevalent.

Forward-thinking business leaders are already adjusting their business models around virtualized processes, digital deliverables and off-cycle product management. Construction teams will ultimately maximize value with integration-ready construction modules that include multi-trade assemblies embedding virtualized construction know-how, generative variants and standardized interfaces. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers the functionality necessary to support construction virtual twins, productization and integration-ready modules.

Gone are the days when someone would sketch on a napkin, and someone else would interpret it. We’re now seeing a more collaborative approach where engineering, architecture and infrastructure people are working as a unified team, sometimes even in one company.

Pooya Baktash
Pooya Baktash
Co-Founder of Partisans

Path to Sustainable Design

Sustainable design in construction is more important than ever. Architects, engineers and construction stakeholders who want to build creative solutions must collaborate efficiently on systemic solutions and eliminate silos.

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The transition to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform meant new practices needed to be learnt. with the support of Dassault Systèmes, we quickly realized the infinite possibilities within CATIA and xGenerative design, specifically for the façade design. it enabled us to make as well as fabricate and construct a very modern design.

Mohamed Enhili
Head of BIM & digital transformation at Jet Contractors

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