For designers, there’s no telling when inspiration will strike. Our portfolio of online Creative Design applications lets you make the most of your inspiration. Co-create whenever and wherever you choose, using any device. Explore the next generation of 3D design experience on our creative industrial design applications with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud.

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Sketching and 3D modeling software

  • Quickly express your ideas with intuitive 3D sketching ideation tools to sketch, create surfaces and renderings, and even virtualize 2D sketches.
  • Virtually sculpt simple and complex shapes using flexible subdivision surface technology and explore design variations.
Sketching and modeling

Shaping and styling

  • Design creative shapes and patterns with parametric modeling technology.
  • Explore different shapes with design by algorithm and visual scripting applications.
  • Generate various types of surfaces with different mathematical and design approaches.
Prototyping and visualization

Prototyping and visualization

  • Produce photorealistic renderings with different materials, textures and lighting conditions.
  • Refine the appearance of your product and quickly iterate to achieve the look you want.
  • Easily prepare and orchestrate design reviews to communicate design changes with design, engineering, simulation and marketing stakeholders.


  • Test consumer interaction with realistic static or animated human avatars, adjust proportions and postures and bring emotion into your visuals.
  • Explore different design variants to optimize product topology and test frequency, displacement, stress and manufacturing constraints.
  • Take your testing to the next level with VR and 3D printing to get the best results.

From product design to consumer experience

Today's product designers and decision-makers are facing a paradigm shift in design: consumers expect much more than conventional product design. It is necessary to make the transition to customer-centric design and create aesthetically appealing, but also complex, innovative and sustainable products and product experiences.
3DEXPERIENCE CATIA’s Creative Design solutions are specifically conceived to give designers total flexibility and unparalleled creative power, thanks to the critical benefits of collaborative tools, digital continuity, and intuitive 3D design.

All the CAD tools you need to create - sketch, model, shape, prototype and test - available online

Our solutions are cloud-based, meaning they are always up to date on all your devices, with nothing to install or configure. Everyone working on your project can access the latest version of a file and work on a single source of truth in a unified virtual environment. Easily use innovative design methodologies and cloud collaboration from your browser, ensuring secure collaboration with ecosystem stakeholders, full control over design and file access, sharing, 3D visualization, and product review anywhere, any time.


Creative Industrial Design with 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA

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Designing Beyond Limits: An Insight into Industrial Design

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We’ve seen a 90% reduction in terms of prototyping issues and we’ve managed to reduce the number of prototypes we need to make by a third.

Kiran Poojary
CTO, Simple Energy

Designers can meet up, collaborate and sketch in 3D with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud. We’re breaking down the barriers that limit creativity.

AMF-Andrea Vittadini
Andrea Vittadini

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