CATIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables companies of any size to achieve engineering excellence via its powerful array of social and collaborative 3D modelling and simulation tools. 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA can model any product, at any scale, so engineers, designers and contributors can effortlessly imagine, define and shape products virtually before committing to a prototype.

The powerful features of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the cloud will enable you to accelerate innovation, get products to market faster and climb to the top of a tough, competitive market.  Get rid of the headache and risks associated with backups, software upgrades, and costly IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters.

1. Best-in-class engineering

Design anything you want without limits
CATIA’s high geometric accuracy guarantees the highest quality for part and tooling surfaces. Its robust and stable design modification tools allow users to generate many design iterations and explore new solutions. It can achieve this while maintaining high performance even though users are designing models with a huge number of features.

Design for manufacturing
Take into account manufacturability constraints at the early design stage, validate the manufacturability of designs with advanced analysis tools and create associative data for the tooling and manufacturing process.

Work without limits on large and complex assemblies
Manage large assemblies with agility within a realistic visualization environment, and easily define and retrieve a working context. Ensure assembly integrity with clash detection and clearance check capabilities. 

Enjoy a smooth engineering process workflow
Get everything done within a single environment that unifies all engineering disciplines. This allows for digital continuity throughout the whole project, from concept design, detailed design, simulation, manufacturing and so on. This means that users can easily explore more ideas and disruptive engineering solutions without losing time. Users can also enjoy an integrated experience with no separation between 3D authoring and data management.

2. Collaboration and connection

To speed up innovation and processes, seamless collaboration is essential. With 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the cloud’s powerful database platform, colleagues, suppliers and external partners can innovate together more efficiently and effortlessly. This results in compressed cycle times and fewer late changes. 

Work in parallel
Work together on the same project data on the same platform. Collaborate and work in parallel. This means multiple stakeholders can securely open and work on the same project with security. They can all save their different modifications at the same time too. 

Protect engineering intellectual property
Banish worry about unauthorized access to intellectual property by easily giving project collaborators different rights. For example, some users can be given read and write access only on some parts of the product, and modification or editing rights on other parts. 

Speed up collaboration
Easily integrate external parties by using the platform’s user and license management system. The platform’s security features can place limits on external partners’ access to confidential data.

Learn more about the benefits of using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud for improved design collaboration.

3. Easy to install and maintain

Work flexibly and efficiently while reducing the need for expensive hardware, complex IT systems and IT administrators. Here's why:

  • Instant deployment | All it takes is a few clicks and a few minutes.
  • Scalability | Easily install new applications, add users and increase data storage according to the project’s needs.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership | Keep investments low by relying less on hardware, IT infrastructure and IT specialists. 
  • 24/7/365 support and operation | When working via CATIA on the Cloud, everything is maintained and supported by Dassault Systèmes around the clock.
  • Operational flexibility | Easily scale stakeholder access to projects as they become larger and require more resources.

4. Succeed in complex design

As new products grow in complexity and variance, it is becoming more and more essential to have powerful tools that enable users to execute complex designs. Fortunately, the platform has several features that will make this a reality: 

  • Quickly model complex shapes using advanced parametric surface features 
    Create high-quality and complex mechanical shapes with a robust feature-based approach. Users can simplify, accelerate and check surface designs while increasing efficiency on repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Check the validity and repair advanced imported surfaces to guarantee downstream usage 
    Benefit from assets and reuse existing designs. Check the validity and repair advanced imported surfaces to guarantee downstream usage, such as manufacturing or tooling design, by improving the topology and the geometry.
  • Reuse surfaces — whatever their quality — with tolerant modeling capabilities 
    CATIA’s geometrical modeler is able to manage operations on surfaces that have some small geometrical gaps and defects. The smoothing capabilities and the tolerant lay down options help designers perform their usual tasks by compensating for
    the gaps and still generating high-end quality surfaces.
  • Develop and morph any parametric surfaces
    Work with folded and unfolded surfaces to verify producibility and to enable bulk calculation and raw material costs for flattened shapes. Shapes can be morphed under the control of reference and target elements while maintaining quality and accuracy for manufacturability. 
  • Accelerate designs with a better user experience
    The CATIA Generative Shape Design extension significantly speeds up the design process with a clear and intuitive user interface, with natural manipulation and contextual interactions.
    Depending on your selection, relevant commands are suggested directly in the 3D model. This improves productivity, not only in completing the design more quickly, but also in reducing the time needed to understand and perform the modeling changes.

5. Improve the quality of your product

In the modeling phase, poor quality geometry causes longer update times, reduces the number of possible iterations, and induces larger amounts of data, which results in a need for more storage space. In downstream processes, the level of quality doesn’t just impact updates, but also computation time. 

The impact of these factors can differ from one company to another depending on their chosen methodologies and processes. This demonstrates that shape quality has a major influence and must be taken into account as it has an impact on processes.

With 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, you can reach the best level of high-end surface quality using local surface modifiers and global deformation. Design intent is respected because surfaces match both aesthetic and manufacturing requirements. 

Also, data exchange workflows and manufacturing operations can be streamlined by creating controlled simplified surfaces. This ensures that users receive data they can readily use.

6. Optimize the manufacturing process

Work in a highly productive environment to compute, update and optimize shapes to compensate for complex manufacturing deformation effects such as springback. There’s no need to redesign the product or its tooling. 

Bring virtual definition closer to real-life definition when you can create virtual shapes from simulation, computation or digitization results. 

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA's breakthrough technology allows the morphing of complex shapes while maintaining their original
quality characteristics, thus optimizing: 

  • Manufacturing processes by compensating forming deformation 
  • Product definition by taking into account product representation in operational conditions, whatever the domain (mechanical, thermal, fluidic or more)

7. Capitalize, automate and reuse

Boost productivity by reusing existing functions or components that include a company’s best practices. Users can capitalize on assets and generate a family of components to accelerate design.

Some of the ways the platform can ease users’ work:

  • Reduce tedious and repetitive tasks with intuitive automation functionalities 
    Repetitive tasks that need to be done hundreds of times a day can be automated via CATIA’s simple and lean knowledgeware language.
  • Achieve first-time-right product engineering with adaptive templates 
    Create templates to store the intelligence and expertise of your company. For example, specific 3D models can be reused in different contexts. 
  • Ensure product data quality by applying capitalized design rules
    Create specific rules to ensure that all the products designed are compliant with your company’s design rules. New products are rarely developed from scratch, therefore it’s important to be able to carry over previous designs.
  • Reuse existing CATIA V5 data in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA 
    CATIA V5 is a proven and widely adopted solution that is deeply embedded in the corporate engineering process. This is why Dassault Systèmes planned for the two solutions to co-exist from the beginning. Users can work with people on the same project regardless of whether they are working on CATIA V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA. Learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Design for CATIA V5.
  • Interact efficiently with your ecosystem by using and modifying any kind of computer-aided design (CAD) data
    When considering new products or product development processes, choose what should be duplicated, reused, or deleted.
  • Reduce costs and improve quality
    Reuse existing assets and standards with smart carry-over using a graphics-based duplication tool and component family.

8. Access the right information directly in 3D

Although 3D is commonly used in the design process, 2D still remains, for some, the master reference for product definition. As a result, many businesses are still suffering from errors and delays because 2D inherently has limitations on what can be shown. Using 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA, one can completely define a part and assembly with tolerances and annotations directly in 3D, making the definition more accurate. This, in turn accelerates the product development processes.

This 3D Master approach means there is one single, full 3D definition of a product for manufacturing. Users can create dimensions and tolerances on the 3D geometry while respecting regulations and standards. The semantic tolerancing advisor helps users create consistent dimensional definitions and prevent errors. If required, 2D layouts can be created for printing based on the 3D definition. These representations are associative to and synchronized with the 3D model ensuring consistency.

9. Set in motion and validate your ideas

It’s vital for product engineers and designers to limit physical prototypes and get the design right the first time. By simulating complex product behavior in one unified environment, companies can make decisions during the virtual stage of development before investing in expensive prototypes.

Engineers and designers can understand the structural behavior of a product early in the design process by simulating them in motion. Concepts can be quickly validated for structural strength at an early stage with intuitive stress simulation tools
for solid parts and assemblies. They can also track and analyze the entire kinematics behavior of the system and make necessary adjustments.

With 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA on the cloud’s ability to create digital mockups, designs and concepts can be quickly validated at an early stage and verified. In the end, digital mockups allow a better understanding of problems so that one can quickly solve it.

10. Productive user experience

The platform’s lean and intuitive user interface ensures that it will be simple to use — even for new or casual users. This allows engineers to focus on being engineers. 

One behavior for all applications
Applications have the same user interface with the same elements to ensure ease of use and a quick learning curve. 

Direct geometry manipulation
Work directly with models by visually manipulating their geometric dimensions.

Customizable Action Pad for quick access to favorite commands
With the Action Pad, users do not need to use the action bar to find the right commands. Everything is available at the click of a mouse via the Action Pad.

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