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The Research and Development organization (as you might know as Technologies, Product or Engineering) gathers much of our visionary teams. We are in charge of providing major breakthroughs on user experiences and on the expansion of the reach of our portfolio with immersive, mobile and native cloud solutions.

We create the solutions of the future to help our customers to shape the world of tomorrow, providing businesses and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonizing nature, product and life.

Portfolio Manager, Software Engineer, Quality Engineer, User Success Engineer, Data Analyst and Scientist, Cloud Run Operator, and Technology Manager are roles at the core of the R&D organization. More than coding lines, we impact the lives of millions of end users.

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The research team is always on the lookout for advances in the academic world. PhDs and research engineers work together to broaden the company's expertise to include the latest advances in the company's fields of interest. This results in a thriving work environment with constant learning and strong collaboration within the team.

Kalenga Tshilombo > Dassault Systèmes
Kalenga Tshilombo
Research Engineer

Managing the portfolio means to showcase our products, in a way that is meaningful, valuable and desirable for our customers in many industries, and drive the evolution of these products so that it keeps fostering innovation.

As such, it is at a crossroad of technical and commercial activities, marketing, prototyping. You need to be both creative and rigorous, and get to interact with very diverse talented individuals of various fields and cultures.

Nicolas GUERIN > Dassault Systèmes
Nicolas GUERIN
Portfolio Manager

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At Dassault Systèmes, we're a global community of more than 22,500 passionate individuals united in our diversity by sharing the same "IFWE” mindset and values. "IF" refers to our passion for exploring new possibilities and “WE” to our belief that by bringing our community together we can enable meaningful change.

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