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The Services teams (which you might know as Consulting or Customer Success) strive to make anything and everything possible. Our Software Consultants, Business Consultants, Project Managers, Solution Architects or Software Architects support our customers in the implementation and delivery of our solutions. We deliver bespoke services to meet each customer's precise needs and are meant to evolve along with the customers and their ambition to reach new heights.

We make understanding the customers' needs, training them, supporting them, proposing evolutions and helping them solve their issues their playground.

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We create sustainable value for our customer by ensuring quality of DELMIA Quintiq solutions. We aim to do this by embedding robust quality assurance practices deeply into the development lifecycle that will enable us to reduce cost, time, and effort on testing. I’m part of the strategic team to manage processes and competency of the team.

Wai Chee Foong > Dassault Systèmes
Wai Chee Foong
Senior Software Quality Engineer

As a member of the Industry Consulting team, it's my job to support the sales teams in delivering our solutions. This means I get to visit a wide range of customers & spend time learning from their engineers, to understand how we can best support them.

I also work with our specialist Industry teams to improve & configure our software packages to create tailored solutions, which I then demonstrate to customers.

I have the chance to meet industry leaders at events & conferences, where I showcase broader examples of our tools & articulate the values that they bring, whilst learning about upcoming trends & challenges in the industry.

Michael FIELDEN > Dassault Systèmes
Industry Consultant

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At Dassault Systèmes, we're a global community of more than 22,500 passionate individuals united in our diversity by sharing the same "IFWE” mindset and values. "IF" refers to our passion for exploring new possibilities and “WE” to our belief that by bringing our community together we can enable meaningful change.

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