Addressing Environmental Impact and Sustainable Solutions

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the growth of data centers and data processing continues, resulting in a staggering projected data creation of 175 zettabytes1 by 2025. However, with this growth comes a significant environmental impact as energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) continue to rise. Data centers account for around 1.5% of global electricity use and 1% of energy-related GHG emissions2.

To mitigate this impact, data center owner-operators, contractors, and builders must adopt renewable energy sources and energy-efficient equipment to reduce their carbon footprint and waste. By leveraging the virtual twin experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, stakeholders can develop and operate more energy-saving and environmentally friendly data centers.

Discover how to bring these data centers to life below.

Building the Blocks of Next Gen Data Centers

Rely on the virtual twin experience to construct and deliver energy-efficient data centers with increased configurability and shorter stand-up time.

Energy-efficient Data Centers: Three Key Development Areas

Here are three ways the virtual twin experience and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can optimize sustainable data center development.

1. Engineering and IT Efficiency Management

To evaluate and manage engineering and IT efficiency in data centers, stakeholders must work on power use effectiveness (PUE). To do so, they must first:

a. Optimize the energy efficiency of cooling systems with engineering efficiency
Stakeholders can leverage the virtual twin experience to model and simulate compute systems, not to mention their energy supply and cooling infrastructure. This way, they can maximize energy efficiency through improved heat, liquid, cooling water and airflow management.

b. Effectively reduce IT equipment's energy consumption
It is easier to increase IT equipment's performance while reducing energy consumption – with IT efficiency powered by Dassault Systèmes' virtual twin experiences and IBM's asset management, IoT platform and environmental intelligence suite.

2. Sustainable construction

With complete supply chain visibility on a common collaboration platform, stakeholders can deploy a sustainable construction strategy that includes generative design, systems performance analysis, efficient transportation and logistics, and waste management.

Curious about how it all works? Explore a virtual twin-powered, four-step sustainable construction plan in the infographic below.

3. Modularity

On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, owner-operators can easily define, design and manufacture data center modules off-site before on-site installation. As such, they can increase the quality of these modules while reducing installation waste and errors.

Owner-operators can also leverage the platform's systems engineering and simulation capabilities to deliver multiple design alternatives with efficient and sustainable configurations.

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1Source: “World Energy Transitions” by Irena
2Source: “Global Hydrogen Review 2022” by IEA

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