Sculpt 3D organic shapes easily

3D Sculptor is a cloud-based design solution ideal for industrial designers, mechanical engineers and digital artists to create, evaluate, and review complex shapes.

  • Sculpt a freeform shape to design components for visual aesthetics, ergonomics, and function
  • Create stunning designs using freeform parametric modeling tools

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud

Break free of IT constraints with instant access to the latest catalog of apps and online services to collaborate with teams, clients and external contributors.

Everything is stored on the cloud, so you never lose your data and team members can access securely anytime.

Protect Intellectual Property by managing digital access and allow team members to see only what they need to see.

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Conquer any challenge with our 3D sculpting software

Simplify complex surfacing and organic shape design

Simplify complex surfacing and organic shape design

Quickly convert mesh data into smooth, contoured 3D models

Quickly convert mesh data into smooth, contoured 3D models

Create stunning designs with toolkits for freeform modeling and parametric modeling

Create stunning designs with toolkits for both freeform and parametric modeling

Boost your efficiency with our digital sculpting software

Use free form design tools

  • Create stylized models faster than parametric tools
  • Stay focused on design, not data management thanks to the built-in version control
  • Manage clean and accurate geometry, ready for downstream use

Seamlessly connect and exchange with enhanced interoperability and interchangeability

3D Sculptor allows users to effortlessly import and export their designs into SOLIDWORKS® desktop and other 3DEXPERIENCE® Works solutions, ensuring smooth and convenient integration.

  • The seamless integration between 3D Sculptor, SOLIDWORKS, and other solutions like 3D Creator simplifies workflows, enabling users to switch between them with ease.
  • Real-time synchronization is guaranteed when modifying designs in 3D Sculptor, SOLIDWORKS, or other 3DEXPERIENCE Works products, as any changes made automatically update the associated files.

Roles included in this starter kit

The following four roles included in this offer connect everyone to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design and manage sophisticated 3D models and collaborate concurrently across disciplines. 





3D Sculptor

Unlock powerful freeform surface modeling tools to make your organic and aesthetic designs a reality


Connect everyone to the innovation process on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to facilitate collaboration, data organization and bring continuity to your business in a secure way

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Collaborate concurrently across disciplines with full flexibility and traceability to define and develop innovative products on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Collaborative Innovation Learner

Master 3D Creator,  Collaborative Business Innovator, Collaborative Business Industry and more thanks to a dedicated e-learning application on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Push the boundaries of design!

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3 Months Discovery Offer

A special offer to new clients to discover a powerful set of CAD design



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This offer is availabe one time for new clients only and renews at standard quarterly price

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Yearly Subscription



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Get 2 months free with the yearly subscription!

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SOLIDWORKS was awarded as the CAD & product and machine design leader in at G2 2023!

  • Score of 4.5/5, over 500 reviews.

These brands trust us!

“We needed a design tool that was both easy to use and operated inside a browser in the cloud across our distributed team, so we chose the design tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform because they operate the closest to how SOLIDWORKS works.”

Dr. Tobias Brett
Dr. Tobias Brett


RockFarm, formerly NASKA robotics, switched to SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor, SOLIDWORKS 3D Creator, and ENOVIA® Collaborative Industry Innovator on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. These tools were chosen for their ease of use, ability to meet design and management needs, and cloud-based browser functionality.

Explore 3D Sculptor

Frequently Asked Questions

Through you dedicated support community you will have access to a wide range of e-learning lessons as well as ask questions to product experts in the community.

Additionally, in the first few days of your purchase you will have an onboarding meeting with a 3DEXPERIENCE platform expert to help you get started accessing your solution and finding your learning content

While parametric tools can be too rigid, 3D Sculptor provides a browser based sub-d modeling tool set with a wide range of modeling capabilities.

3D Sculptor features direct import and export so you can easily bring designs into other 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions, like 3D Creator as well as CAD programs like SOLIDWORKS.

You can import all of the following CAD data. Users can add new Sub-D components. However, there is no tool to convert imported geometry into an editable sub-d mesh.


Option Description
IDF (*.emn, *.brd, *.bdf, *.idb) Imports Intermediate Data Format (IDF) 2.0 and 3.0 files such as *.emn, *.brd, *.bdf, *.idb into the work area.
IGES (*.iges, *.igs) Imports IGES (*.iges, *.igs) files into the work area.
Inventor Part (*.ipt)

Imports Inventor part (*.ipt) files into the work area.

Mesh Files (*.stl, *.obj) Imports STL (*.stl) and Object (*.obj) files into the work area.
Revit (*.rvt, *.rfa) Imports Revit (*.rvt, *.rfa) files into the work area.
Solid Edge Part (*.par, *.psm)

Imports Solid Edge part (*.par, *.psm) files into the work area. The converter for Solid Edge does not support:

  • Text and annotations
  • Materials and textures
  • Hidden bodies at the assembly level
STEP (*.step, *.stp) Imports STEP (*.step, *.stp) files into the work area.


By securely storing your data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, users always work with the latest version, eliminating the danger of overwriting data.

3D geometry can be accessed and visualized anywhere from a web browser thanks to the visualization app 3DPlay.

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