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Learning Experiences Libraries

Are you a 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud User?
Accelerate 3DEXPERIENCE Adoption and boost your return on investment.

Discover 3DEXPERIENCE Learning Libraries and become proficient in your 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud roles in no time!

What are the benefits of the Learning Experiences Libraries?
Shorter training time and the possibility of getting access to a progressive e-learning offer, from short interactive courses to technical deep dives – anywhere & anytime!

Extend your knowledge and know-how!
Each library offers learning experiences on all 3DEXPERIENCE platform roles structured by domain (e.g. Design Engineering, Simulation, etc.).

3DEXPERIENCE Works Learner library

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a secure, collaborative, one-stop-shop for everyone in the Design and Manufacturing eco-system. Gain a competitive advantage with the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS cross-domain Library today!

Access powerful Learning Experiences, that enable you to transform the way you bring products to market and create differentiated customer experiences. 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS connects your development process from design through manufacturing to customer engagement in one interactive and collaborative environment. Learn how to collaborate, design and manage your products with 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS library.

Design / Engineering Learner library

Apply the latest Design & Engineering practices to produce the most innovative products and experiences even faster, as part of a seamless workflow.

Access Learning Experiences, that enable you to acquire:

  • Industry-proven practices and the latest know- how in design & engineering.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform expertise – from concept to final assembly work concurrently, in one seamlessly integrated and managed environment.

Simulation Learner library

Are you keen to improve product performance while reducing risks and costs? Simulation Library enables you to gain simulation expertise and accelerate the evaluation of performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes.

You benefit from cutting-edge technologies, coupled with our Learning Experiences to drive innovation:

  • Knowledge and know-how on the latest simulation practices
  • 3DEXPERIENCE expertise so you can master simulation as part of collaborative engineering

Collaborative Innovation Learner library

Ramp up faster than ever with the 3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Innovation library that will allow you to skill up on entry-level cloud roles and boost your team’s collaborative spirit! Take advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design and oversee the most innovative, web-based projects. Reduce resource and project costs, and connect people and data to foster creative design and innovation.

You’ll quickly be empowered to become:

  • Top Collaborative Business Innovators and Project Planners
  • Best-in-breed 3D Creators and 3D Sculptors
  • World-class 3D Innovators!

Manufacturing/ Production Learner library

The entire production process has to speed up, from innovation and design to production. New skills are required to succeed in the digital manufacturing transformation!

We propose a set of Learning Experiences resulting in recognized certification that give you the required knowledge and know-how to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing processes:

  • Industry-proven practices and latest knowledge in manufacturing & production
  • 3DEXPERIENCE platform expertise

Governance / Lifecycle Learner library

Dealing with huge volumes of data and information is the day-to-day challenge facing today’s engineers. Be ready to manage product creation from early planning to development and final release.

Learn how to accelerate cross-team collaboration and product development in a fully connected online environment where teams are always seeing, sharing and working on up-to-date information.

Best-in-class Learning Experiences are already available through our Governance Library, offering:

  • Knowledge and know-how on the latest governance practices.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE roles to master collaboration across different disciplines on any device, anytime, anywhere

Virtual Planet Learner Library

Having access to the entire Virtual Planet library enables you create great experiences in 3DEXPERIENCE City.

• Proven practices in the industry and the latest know-how in virtual 3D environment to interactively discover the virtual twin of the city
• Play 3D navigation experiences in City Referential Manager with a smooth user experience, from large-scale visualization to granular pedestrian perspective

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