ENOVIA V5-6R2018

ENOVIA VPLM помогает компаниям быстрее выводить на рынок больше инновационных продуктов посредством масштабируемого виртуального управления жизненным циклом сложных продуктов

ENOVIA - People, Organization & Security (POS)
To provide Java-based administration tools for ENOVIA VPM users and security setup and management.
Product Overview
Product Highlights

Product Overview

ENOVIA People, Organization & Security (POS) provides easy to use, Java-based Administration of ENOVIA VPM users and security setup and management. It provides centralized user management tool deployable through a common security definition.

Product Highlights

  • Higher resource utilization and control
  • Full secured environment
  • Higher PLM Collaboration with people
  • Unique authentication for end user.
  • Secured access to Enterprise systemes
  • Unique repository for SSO to ease the administration
  • Adapatability to any enterprise