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PowerFLOW | Release Series R2020x

Live on May 27, 2020 | 5PM CEST/11AM EDT

Join the eSeminar to find out how you can leverage DesignGUIDE to: Directly connect design to performance KPI’s, Make accurate, data-driven design decisions, Collaborate with designers

Live on June 10, 2020 | 5PM CEST/11AM EDT

OEMs are facing an increasing competition and new regulations that require the development of products with more available options and models year after year. SIMULIA PowerFLOW provides the most accurate numerical solution that helps OEMs to reduce physical prototypes, predict better performance products and avoid late stage failures.

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SIMULIA PowerFLOW is used by leaders in industries such as transportation and mobility, aerospace and defense, and industrial equipment.

Release eSeminar Series R2020x

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Discover the benefits of including an electromagnetic simulation in the very beginning of your design process.

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Watch the recording to discover the new features and improvements of Xflow.

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This eSeminar will highlight some of the technology updates in the major industry process like antenna and microwave component engineering, aerospace communication, electronic design and power electronic EMC analysis.

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Learn about the key new features and updates that are available in Isight 2020.

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This eSeminar will highlight the key new features that will be available in Abaqus , Tosca and fe-safe 2020x.

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