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May 2016: Journey to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Simulation-Based Science Powers Innovation

By Colin Mercer, Vice President, SIMULIA R&D

Welcome Letter

Whether I am speaking with a customer or just watching the latest online video about a new direction in design and manufacturing, I am always amazed at the vast range of innovative products being developed in every industry; at the same time I am proud. Let me explain.

The fundamental forces that drive us to innovate have not changed much since the beginning of mankind. There are the basic needs and desires: to eat, to protect our families, and to provide them with a healthy environment to grow. What has changed is that as the population increases, we are faced with an increasing set of constraints on the world’s resources. How do we continue to innovate within these constraints? The answer is simple: Science! Innovation requires natural curiosity and determination to better understand science; we can then translate this knowledge into improved mathematical models that can be used by designers, engineers, and researchers.

As the person responsible for SIMULIA R&D, I believe that to be successful at innovation, the tools must:

  1. have a strong scientific foundation;
  2. provide you with the ability to explore designs automatically and quickly through realistic virtual testing;
  3. reveal an understanding of the behavior that is beyond the obvious and expected; and
  4. be technically robust so you can rely on them and be confident in your results.

Providing best-in-class tools to help you create innovative products is something we have been working on for decades. However, bringing everything together requires a radically new approach. Over the past couple of years, we in Dassault Systèmes have taken the game changing step to create such an environment through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. At SIMULIA, we continue our focus on creating the best simulation tools to guide you through the confluence of science and simulation. These tools are the combination of new applications working seamlessly with the well-established products that you are comfortable with and have confidence in.

We are excited that our customers will be able to showcase their innovations driven by science and simulation, at the upcoming Science in the Age of Experience conference in Boston. This forum provides our international community with an opportunity to meet other innovators as well as Dassault Systèmes partners and domain experts. For more about this combined SIMULIA and BIOVIA event, please see the article featuring SIMULIA’s Chief Technology Officer and BIOVIA’s Chief Strategy Officer on page 4 of this issue of SCN.

Whether or not you attend Science in the Age of Experience, you can read about the work that some of our customers will be presenting there: Silvestre Pinho’s research at Imperial College London (page 22) reveals how his team is leveraging a multiphysics molecular dynamics Finite Element Method for the design of composite and graphene based materials. On page10, you can read how Trek Bicycle uses simulation to predict the performance of bicycles.

And you won’t want to miss our cover story, the second in a three-part series on PRIME Aerostructures’ journey from our traditional SLM product to managing all their simulation processes and data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

So why am I proud? I am proud because as an engineer and a leader in Dassault Systèmes R&D, we are building tools that have helped—and will help—all of you to be innovators. We look forward to supporting you as you continue to leverage the virtual world to improve the real world.