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SIMULIA hosts free informational e-Seminars to help learn about the latest industry and product solutions we offer.

Simpleware eSeminar Series

The following eSeminar series will provide an overview of using Simpleware software to generate 3D models in the field of Life Science, Materials and Geology & Reverse Engineering These eSeminars will offer a general introduction to Simpleware, the benefits of image-based modelling and key features of the software. This eSeminar is ideal for SIMULIA users working on visualizing, analyzing and generating mesh from 3D image data (MRI, CT…) that want a direct route from scan to simulation.

Choose from:

Simpleware: Applications for LifeSciences

This is a must attend for analysts and researchers studying interaction between the human body and medical devices and biomechanical processes, among other applications.

Simpleware: Applications for Materials and Geology

Researchers and analysts that work in any area of Materials Science and Geology do not want to miss this eSeminar! It will showcase the advantage of using Simpleware for materials, composites and geotechnical applications.

Simpleware: Applications for Reverse Engineering

Researchers and analysts that want a software solution for reverse engineering tasks, including visualization, analysis and mesh generation from industrial and other forms of data will not want to miss this eSeminar. It will discuss applications such as the reverse engineering of legacy parts, visualization of manufacturing defects and export of models for FEA and CFD in Abaqus. 

About the Presenter

Dr. Ross Cotton, Senior Application Engineer, Simpleware

Dr. Ross Cotton joined Simpleware in 2008 after receiving his PhD in Sports Engineering from Loughborough University (UK). The research combined experimental tests and numerical simulations to investigate the mechanics of a soccer ball impact. The project was supported by German sports company adidas who used the results towards the development of the 2008 European Championships match ball. In his current position at Simpleware, he oversees technical support, projects and software demonstrations

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