Major New Method for Random Vibration Fatigue

Now available in the fe-safe 6.5 release

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Fatigue caused by forced vibration of a random nature is a major industry concern. The Power Spectrum Density (PSD) is the most concise and straightforward way of representing a random process in a frequency domain approach. Until now, commercial methodologies for fatigue analysis from PSDs have been limited to shaker table applications and have not fully addressed out-of-phase loadings from multiple channels.

Learn about these key features and capabilities:

  • Consideration of multiple input loadings: the user does not need to condense the loadings into a single input channel connected to a master point
  • Easy analysis of phasing between loading channels, scale and combine them using different factors
  • Critical plane searching is available
  • Fast analysis times in comparison to working within the time domain
  • Allows for easy probabilistic analysis

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