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March 2016: Exploring the Power of Optimization

Optimization is a Game Changer

By Alan Prior, Vice President, Worldwide Center of Excellence, SIMULIA

Welcome Letter

It gives me great pleasure to be chosen to write this issue’s letter to our customers. As the new head of SIMULIA’s field offices—our Worldwide Center of Excellence—I feel a great responsibility to everyone using our products to help you be more creative and productive in your work.

We all want to optimize the results of our labors, and at SIMULIA we continue to focus on bringing you the very best toolset for reaching the highest levels of design engineering optimization. In this issue, you’ll find specific information about new benefits for you in the latest releases of Abaqus, Tosca, Isight and fe-safe on this article.

As you may have surmised, optimization is the overarching theme of this issue. We are finding increasing numbers of our customers ready to share their experiences and successes about harnessing the power of the SIMULIA portfolio to achieve the “perfect” product or component. Our cover story features industrial giant Ford Motor Company’s achievements using Isight and Tosca to identify the ideal configurations for their exhaust manifolds and Optimal Device’s creative example of using Tosca to optimize the head of a lacrosse stick.

Many customers are now applying optimization with great success. They are also sharing their experiences and knowledge so that we at SIMULIA can further develop the products that they require. A main goal in this shared adventure is to make it easier for others in our community to join in and benefit. Please turn to this article for more about Isight and Tosca classes and introductory videos.

Every day we learn about new, innovative applications our customers are developing. Sometimes we hear about your innovations in the media or at industry events but more often through presentations at SIMULIA user events. Take a look at the interview by Northwestern University professor Dr. Huang. His team of engineers deployed Abaqus to develop a ground-breaking wearable, stretchable electronic patch for cosmetic leader L’Oréal. There are stories about the innovative use of Abaqus for preserving historic buildings—and also on improving combustion-prone hoverboards!

An academic case study tells how a Ritsumeikan University researcher used Abaqus to create a realistic model of a flatfoot deformity that will help surgeons plan more specific treatments for individual patients.

Up-and-coming engineers are also discovering that they can push past existing boundaries in medical treatments. Abaqus was the top choice among FEA software brands during the first ever “Modelathon” at the University of Sheffield, U.K. There, a group of engineering students from around the world all picked Abaqus to help them conquer a complex osteoporosis treatment problem.

Yes, we definitely are a global software company—drawing from what we all learn together— and there’s no place like the SIMULIA annual customer conference to rediscover these facts. This year’s Science in the Age of Experience event takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 23-26. Hear about the latest trends and innovations from industry experts, experience new technologies through hands-on training and seminars, and create valuable connections with your fellow engineers.

I hope to see you all there!

P.S. In this issue we are launching a three-part series about one customer’s journey towards the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. It’s a frank and revealing narrative I’m sure you’ll enjoy in this and future issues. See the Prime Aerostructures’ first chapter...