Introduction to the Antenna Magus User Interface

Self-guided learning

Getting to know the User Interface

If you are unfamiliar with Antenna Magus it is recommended that you briefly familiarize yourself with the basic layout of the user interface (UI) before continuing with other application notes. A description of the main areas in user interface is given below.

Start Page

When starting Antenna Magus it will open a Start Page. The Start Page allows the user to either start a new workflow or to directly navigate to previous work.

Main User Interface

The main user interface is used throughout Antenna Magus and is therefore applicable to most modes of operation, i.e. Find Mode, Design Mode, Export, Array Synthesis and Compare Window and Specification Editor.

  • Ribbon - Offers access to commonly used tools and operations. It also allows the user to switch between different modes in the application.
  • Palette - The Palette consists of expanders that generally follow the workflow of the application, however strict adherence to this workflow is not required. The expanders generally consist of parameters and operations.
  • Workspace - Typically displays results and additional information. Here the user is able to view and refine results. The focus of the information shown in the Workspace can be adjusted by choosing the required Perspective above the Workspace.
  • Collections - Consists of the user's antenna/array prototypes.
  • Results Previewer - The Results Previewer shows all available results. Double clicking on a result will show the result in an expanded view inside the Workspace. Depending on the current Mode or chosen Perspective the Results Previewer may not always be present.


Libraries User Interface

Libraries can be accessed from the Start Page or from the Libraries tab on the Home ribbon. The user interface is very similar to the main user interface, but with fewer of the elements.

  • Ribbon - Offers access to commonly used tools and operations. It also allows the user to close the current library and return to the Main UI.
  • Workspace – Shows the content of the selected library.
  • Palette – Consists of filters by which the content can be filtered.


Toolbox User Interface

Toolbox functions can be accessed from the Start Page or from the Toolbox tab on the Home Ribbon. Selecting a Toolbox function will open a separate window with three main columns.

  • Palette – The palette contains the input section for the specific Toolbox function.
  • Results – Where the results calculated for the inputs in the Palette section are shown
  • Information – Shows additional information e.g. equations, images relevant to the selected toolbox.