SIMULIA Community News

October 2015: The Journey from Solve to Innovate

Driving the Power of Our Community

By Dimple Shah,VP, Worldwide Sales, SIMULIA 

Welcome Letter

We are inspired by you—the pioneers of our simulation community—as you constantly surprise us with creative use of our products and technologies to address first of its kind challenges. Many of you attended our record-breaking and exciting SIMULIA Community Conference (SCC 2015) in Berlin and experienced a vibrant simulation community at its very best. The breadth and depth of keynotes and presentations, seminars and training sessions were unprecedented as you and your fellow SIMULIA peers and partners came from all over the world to share, learn and be moved from each other’s successes.

It’s your active participation that makes our community stronger. In case you missed the SCC 2015 experience this year, we welcome you to participate in your local Regional Users Meetings (RUMs), sign up for training courses at our Centers of Excellence or join our Learning Community to converse with your peers online.

Across industries, we see compelling evidence of our users continuing to power innovation with SIMULIA products and technologies, as this issue of SIMULIA Community News most aptly demonstrates. Our cover story shows how our long history of collaborating with ExxonMobil has helped put them at the very forefront of innovation in the Energy industry.

A great example of a forward-looking mindset driving transformation is BMW Group's achievement of zero prototyping for passive safety with its BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé. Leveraging the predictive power of simulation to eliminate the need for prototypes, BMW Group continues to collaborate with SIMULIA to ensure that we deliver solutions to meet the needs of new car platforms and ever-evolving stringent safety regulations.

Well, the proverbial thinking outside the box—or, in this case, inside a tunnel—engineers at the University of West Virginia came up with the idea of using a giant inflatable plug to close an underground space in the event of an emergency. This is a great example of how sharing best practices of applications from one industry at an SCC or a RUM sparks new ideas in another. The Abaqus technologies used in this particular application were originally developed for automotive airbags!

I also invite you to read about how Yamaha tackled the challenge of protecting the radiator assembly of their renowned off-road motorbikes and how GN ReSound took on the task of buffering their sophisticated hearing aids from inevitable human fumbles.

More inspiring stories of innovation will continue to surface as you endeavor to deliver transformation in your industries. We are excited to be with you in this journey and our commitment to you remains absolute.

We hope to see you soon at a RUM and our training events. Let us know what you want to achieve next!