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March 2016: Exploring the Power of Optimization

Create Great Designs with Concepts NREC


For over 50 years, Concepts NREC has been partnering with the world’s leading  OEMs  to  improve  the  performance and manufacturability of their turbomachines. We are the only  company  in  the  world  whose  in-house  capabilities span  the  entire  process—from  conceptual  design  through manufacturing,  testing,  and    installation.    This    unique perspective drives innovation across our entire offering. Our clients benefit from having a trusted partner who can see the big picture and provide valuable insights that save them time and money.

Concepts NREC’s integrated design and manufacturing software suite, the Agile Engineering Design System®, covers the entire design process — from preliminary sizing through fluid dynamics and mechanical stress and vibration analysis. Final designs are seamlessly transferred to MAX-PACTM to create efficient 5-axis machining strategies

Our automated optimization software, TurboOpt IITM, saves engineering time and explores new areas of the design space that conventional approaches do not have time to investigate. TurboOpt II enables detailed optimization workflows to be set up in minutes using turbomachinery specific parameters (for example: maximize stage efficiency by adjusting impeller geometry using AxCent®’s parameterization). TurboOpt II also allows multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) in which a design can be optimized for aerodynamic performance,  structural reliability,  and  manufacturability.  Used  in  conjunction with Isight, modeFRONTIER and other industry-standard optimization packages, parallel optimization on clusters and high performance workstations is fully supported.

Concepts NREC engineers have recently collaborated with SIMULIA-Dassault Systèmes to configure Isight with its state- of-the-art Pointer-2 algorithm to develop unique optimization workflows combining design and off-design searches.

Our sophisticated software tools empower designers and product development teams worldwide and enable innovative solutions by applying a cost-effective concurrent development approach that balances issues of performance, reliability, operating life, and low-cost manufacturability.

Concepts NREC has the vision to create great designs and a hard-earned reputation for delivering them.

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