Tosca Structure


Body-in-White before and after optimization with Tosca Structure.sizing

Tosca Structure.sizing

Sizing optimization leads to an optimal relation between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behavior. It allows for material savings and to take advantage of increased comfort and eco-efficiency. Sizing optimization is the preferred tool to optimize sheet structures in large scale industrial applications.


  • Optimized sheet structures for automotive, wind energy, and aerospace industry applications
  • Optimum relation between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behavior for improved comfort
  • Shell element thicknesses may be optimized while clustered together or individually
  • Relevant for large-scale applications with up to several million design variables
  • The CPU time and number of iterations are independent of the number of design variables
  • Overall increase in eco-efficiency


Sizing optimization with Tosca Structure is seeking for perfect geometry sizes of complex structures with challenging load scenarios. Without changing the general shape of the geometry an optimum relation between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behavior is found by changing the sheet thicknesses. In early design phases a free sizing approach helps to get best ideas for efficient sheet partitioning. In later design phases a clustered sizing optimization leads to optimal thicknesses for all individual sheets of the structure. Sizing optimization boosts innovative designs within significantly shorter development times.