Structure Tosca Optimization

Topology optimization with Abaqus

Tosca Structure is the market leading technology for structural optimization based on the industry standard finite element analysis (FEA) package Abaqus, to create innovative and sustainable designs. From early conceptual design through to detailed design improvements Tosca Structure offers the full range of optimization solutions:

Optimization Modules

  • Tosca Structure.topology
  • Tosca Structure.sizing
  • Tosca Structure.shape
  • Tosca Structure.bead

Graphical User Interfaces

  • Optimization module in Abaqus/CAE
  • Tosca Structure.gui
Key Benefits
  • Economic use of existing IT investments
  • Faster turnaround from analysis to design or manufacturing
  • Less prototypes or right the first time
  • Accelerated product development for a shorter time-to-market
  • More durable and lightweight designs
  • Optimized products drive innovations in your market
Technical Highlights
  • Seamless integration with leading FEA & durability solvers
  • Direct use of existing knowledge and models
  • Full design flexibility without time-consuming parameterization
  • Fast and easy creation of design variants avoiding intermediate CAD modifications using shape morphing capabilities
  • High fidelity optimization for nonlinear analysis and durability
  • Simultaneous optimization to meet static, dynamic, and thermo-mechanical requirements
  • Handling of complex manufacturing conditions
  • Automatic validation analysis runs and direct data transfer to CAD systems with selected graphical user interfaces