Tosca Fluid

Design Concepts and CFD Optimization for Fluid Flow

Tosca Fluid features unique design and non-parametric fluid flow topology optimization technology for components and systems. Utilize full design flexibility and create an innovative, optimized design concept for defined design spaces and flow tasks. No initial design is necessary. Only one solver run is needed using industry-standard CFD solvers.

Key Benefits
  • Economic use of existing IT investments
  • Automated design development leads to less physical testing and a reduction in the number of prototypes
  • Shorter development cycles by combining design and optimization of fluid flow tasks early in the design process
  • Advanced designs with higher product performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Faster time-to-market for innovative designs
Technical Highlights
  • Seamless integration with leading CFD solvers (Star-CCM+, ANSYS Fluent) permits consistent reusability of existing CFD-models, as well as high quality results
  • Full design flexibility without time-consuming parameterization, scripting and code coupling
  • Innovative design ideas based on a defined flow task and available design space, no initial design is necessary
  • Optimal utilization of the given design space
  • Works for industrial large scale models with arbitrary complex design spaces
  • A single CFD-solver run is sufficient for the optimization
  • Uses CFD-analysis tools for automated design development with a focus on reduced pressure drop and improved flow uniformity
  • High fidelity optimization to reduce noise level and improve flow split ratio
  • Powerful graphical user interface for easy postprocessing and geometry generation of optimized design proposals