Efficient Optimization Based on FEA and CFD Simulations

Pressure Drop Optimization of an Intercooler Intake Hose

Customer Request

Starting with a first design idea for an intercooler intake hose a subsequent optimization should lead to a preferably low total pressure drop. As an additional constraint, the new design must not exceed the space defined by the initial design due to geometrical limitations by other components.

Our solution: Tosca.Fluid.topology

Conventional optimization techniques like CAD-parameter based schemes may be limited in this design case due to their extensive computing time, time consuming preprocessing setup, difficulties defining design space restrictions as well as their inherent limitations in solution space. These disadvantages are eliminated using Tosca Fluid for topology optimization.

Benefit for the customer

Tosca Fluid provides the designer automatically with a design proposal where Tosca Fluid reduces the pressure drop by eliminating existing recirculation zones and backflow areas. Due to the design space restriction the new design fits entirely into the installation space occupied by the original part. The achieved pressure drop reduction of the optimized design proposal is approx. 20% in this case while the total volumetric change of the design is less than 3%. The new design proposal shows a significant performance improvement and was achieved with only one single CFD-run.