Efficient Optimization Based on FEA and CFD Simulations

Lightweight chassis parts considering complex load and misuse load cases

Customer Request

Chassis components must meet a variety of requirements. Various load collectives contribute in service to all chassis parts, such as control arm or wheel carrier. Accordingly, a design with respect to durability is in­dis­pen­sable. At the same time certain mis­use load cases must be taken into account, which must also be borne by the component. In contrast to this requirements the components should be as light as possible because of climate protection and energy efficiency.

Our solution: topology optimization and shape optimization with Tosca Structure

Based on the available design space for a control arm, a first draft was developed using a topology optimization. The result of topology optimization was implemented in the CAD.

Benefit for the customer

The resulting structure fulfilled all stiffness requirements for all relevant load situations. Thus, the first CAD draft already presented a very good basis for further design, where only the material required for the functionality was used. Through a subsequent shape optimization based on a non-linear FE analysis, the plastic strain has been reduced significantly and thus ensured the stability of the component. Through this automated approach valuable time could be saved. Simultaneously for minimum weight the full optimization potential could be used.

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