Efficient Optimization Based on FEA and CFD Simulations

Optimization of a camshaft absorber considering nonlinear rubber materials

Customer Request

Assembly openings had to be added to an existing design of a camshaft absorber. The new design should have the same torsional stiffness and should not increase the stresses of the reference design.

Our solution: topology optimization and shape optimization with Tosca Structure

Starting with the reference design Tosca Structure.topology first determined an optimal cross section. In a subsequent shape optimization with Tosca Structure.shape details of the pre-optimized cross section were improved and the contour of the manually added assembly openings were optimized. During the complete optimization process hyperelastic material for the rubber metal part and demoldability in axial direction were considered

Benefit for the customer

The first prototype fulfilled all requirements regarding to stiffness and durability and even exceeded the lifetime of the reference part without openings. The use of user defined materials in combination with approved solver technology directly in the optimization ensured high result quality and firstly rendered optimization of elastomeric parts possible. Thus durability of rubber parts could be significantly increased. Savings in prototyping and testing through reliable designs accelerated the product development cycle significantly.

It is quite amazing to see the great strides that have taken place... in regards to structural optimization of nonlinear problem definition with the use of Tosca. As forerunners in the business, the flexible approach and adaptability [during implementation] made it possible for us at Freudenberg to coordinate our processes in such an optimal way that we are able to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Mark Boggasch, Project Manager, Freudenberg Research