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Discover how engineers, designers, researchers, and scientists are using SIMULIA's realistic simulation solutions to optimize performance, evaluate designs, and further their understanding of the environments they work in

As more and more people have an increasing awareness of the need for sustainable solutions, we are looking at how simulation and design can help us reduce our footprint on the planet. Designers, engineers and manufacturers in all industries are thinking creatively in order to design products that are better for both consumers and our environment.

Simulation is a key player in sustainable innovation, and with the launch of REVEAL Magazine, we are seeking to expand beyond our user community to address the many developments in simulation today. We hope that our magazine reflects that viewpoint as we aim to inspire and share stories, interviews and news with our readers about the world we all live in.

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  • Revealing a More Sustainable World, Subham Sett, VP of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives, SIMULIA

 Case Study

  • Oryx Vision: Creating a Clearer View of the Road with Simulation
  • Amcor: Responsible Packaging: When Every Gram Counts

Customer Highlight

  • EEL Energy: Harnessing the Power of Tidal Currants

Executive Highlight

  • Digital Certification: Disruptive Innovation for an Ever-changing Regulatory Environment, David Holman, Vice President R&D, SIMULIA Brand Leader

Looking to Nature

  • Learning from Avian Nests

Academic Perspectives

  • Addressing Sustainability

Partner Highlight

  • Intel: Scientists Tap AI for Magnetic Confinement of Clean Fusion Reactions

Future Outlook

  • From Hype to Reality – Building the infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicles

Academic Highlight

  • Global Hybrid Electric Challenge



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