Proxem Knowledge

Information extraction and knowledge management through AI and Semantic Analysis

Optimize your company's information search

Easily find the right information at the right time thanks to a semantic search engine perfectly adapted to your data, whatever the language and the formats of your documents.

Produce knowledge through Semantic Analysis of your documentary databases

Enrich your ontologies and business repositories from your text data thanks to the embedded AI in Proxem Studio. From market mapping to contract analysis, patent analysis or scientific research, Proxem Studio allows you to produce new knowledge that can be activated whatever your corpus (entity and relationship extraction, classification, clustering, correlation analysis, weak signal detection, and more).

Streamline your business processes with information extraction

Proxem Knowledge allows you to extract from the text the key information you need to gain fluidity in your business processes regardless of your field: clause detection in contracts, extraction of people, places, organizations, anonymization, extraction of documents information, etc.  AI brings you the means to streamline your business processes and improve efficiency.