Proxem Insight

Textual data analysis for Customer and Employee Experience

Get the best decison-making tool to improve your performance indicators

Our semantic and sentiment analysis software allows real-time analysis of all your customers’ conversations and feedback in order to identify the key moments of the customer journey with their related topics, tones and reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Its allows you to obtain a quantitative overview and to identify weak signals by aggregating all the textual data onto a common multi-channel and multi-lingual repository, structured according to the steps in the customer journey.

The software analyzes text from any type of source: chatbot, emails, web reviews, satisfaction surveys, social networks, brand forum, various documents…

Identify and analyze brand attributes and drivers of satisfaction

Get the best decision-making tool to improve your performance indicators
Proxem Studio is a decision-making tool that allows you to focus on your KPIs and high value-added tasks.

It helps you to improve customer satisfaction indicators (Net Promoter Score, customer retention, Average Resolution Time…) and to measure the performance of your actions (loyalty, conversion, brand attributes, brand image, operating costs, churn rate…).

The various Proxem Studio modules allow you to be responsive and efficiently share information with all employees of the company.

Multi-languages, multi-sources and multi-topics

Proxem Studio allows you to analyze customer feedback in all languages with a customizable Semantic Analysis to detect all topics covered.

Aggregate all customer feedback in a single platform to have a 360-degree omni-channel view of the voice of the customer through connectors and available APIs.