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Proxem Connect+API

Collect and organize all textual data / Integrate semantic in your applications

Connect is a module to load your corpus in the blink of an eye, of any nature or source, and to organize the metadata associated with each document. Proxem’s API offers you the possibility to connect any tool to our technology, to send documents to analyze at a pre-defined frequency, to exploit the result of the Semantic Analysis with external tools, to extract terminology, spell checking or language detection; all these actions can be performed in real time.

Management of information contained in a corpus
Continuous analysis
Extraction of information
Proxem Organize

Automatically organize your content

Organize is a module of Textual Data Mining that allows to build a semantic analyzer perfectly adapted to a corpus or a use case thanks to its engine of AI optimized for the comprehension of the natural language (NLP, NLU): extraction of Entities, relationship, classification and sentiment analysis tailored to any profile.

Vocabulary discovery
Customized classification plan
Customized suggestions
Proxem Explore

Explore all the richness of your textual data

Explore is the module dedicated to data mining. It allows users to easily visualize the results of the semantic analysis, thanks to statistical representations. This tool offers the possibility to cross several types of information, and thus to discover weak, “hidden” signals in your corpus. The percentage of documents with a positive or negative tone is represented, depending on the topics covered. During your manipulations, you will have easy access to the text of the verbatim associated with the information sought. This module also allows you to export all or part of your documents, as well as the result of the semantic analysis carried out on this corpus or sub-corpus.

View your entire corpus and the associated tone
Discover weak signals
Manipulate the result of the Semantic Analysis
Proxem Report

Broadcast in real time the right information

Report is a module for creating statistical representations based on results obtained through Semantic Analysis performed on a corpus, or taking into account KPIs (impact score, NPS score, etc.). The set of created visualizations will compose a dashboard, allowing you to report all the results to your collaborators. The dashboards can relate to a period, a source, a theme, and / or a specific specialization, and thus relate to a sample of your corpus.

Visualize the result of the Semantic Analysis
Select the best samples
Disseminate your results

Opinion Analysis for Customer Experience and Collaborator Experience

Proxem Studio allows you to fully understand all the topics addressed by your customers and employees through Sentiment Analysis and the automatic classification of messages.

It features Customized Ranking Plan, Data Mining, visualization of the customer journey and impact analysis, distribution of dashboards and alerts, detection of weak signals.

Discover Insight

Analyze Your Documentary Database and Enhance Your Knowledge

Benefit from a custom Semantic Search Engine to simplify access to your data. Enrich your knowledge base with custom-made information extractors (extraction of entities and relationships, completeness of an existing ontology or thesaurus).

Discover Knowledge