AI-Powered Text Analytics Software. For everyone.

Customer feedback analysis, chatbots, knowledge management: take customer experience and employee engagement to the next level with our AI-based text analytics software. Simple and reliable.

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> Read the Compass Mag article "Being Human:  Natural Language Processing Helps Organizations Take a Human-Centric View"

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Proxem Studio

Text mining in 25 languages, categorization, sentiment analysis, chatbots, reporting and datavisualization: Proxem Studio is the most complete text analytics software for business.

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Your Issues, Our Solutions

Over the years we have developed several fields of expertise. Our text analytics platform is available through three offers that will fit your most complex needs:


Customer feedback analysis and sentiment analysis to enhance customer experience and employee engagement


Information extraction and knowledge mining to improve your information management and processes


Proxem's solutions rely on a dedicated R&D team that combines the best linguistic and statistical approaches for a precise understanding of language