Big Data Applications

The backbone of all NETVIBES disciplines, CloudView is one of the most sophisticated and scalable solutions for Big Data applications in the enterprise and on the Web. Combining advanced semantic technologies, rapid drag-and-drop application development and hybrid quantitative/qualitative analytics, CloudView brings a consumer-style information experience to mission-critical business processes. It allows enterprise IT organizations to meet demands for real-time, in-context, accurately-delivered information accessed from diverse Web and enterprise Big Data sources, yet revealed faster and with less cost than traditional application architectures.

CloudView helps enterprises with:

  • capturing data (for example, simple location data or more complex information),
  • aggregating that information across a data network, and
  • acting on that information (taking immediate action or collecting data over time to design process improvements).

Key Features & Benefits

    • Enables organizations to automate the processing of billions of records of any type
    • Analyzes large volumes of machine-generated data
    • Aggregates system data to extract value from the Internet of Things
    • Accesses multiple sources via large range of connectors