3DEXPERIENCE® Enterprise Collaboration

Digital Transformation in Mining


Without collaboration, there can be no communication. Human error results in errors in data capture and version control. Ideal operating standards are not defined, and it is difficult to get an overview of a team project.

Digital transformation by means of the  3DEXPERIENCE platform is transferrable across the entire mining value chain. Enterprise Collaboration breaks down silos and improves knowledge-sharing for all stakeholders, establishing a Single Source of Truth.

Learn more about the value of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform expressed by two of GEOVIA’s Senior Management leaders on the topic matter and learn how to digitally transform your mine. Become a 3DEXPERIENCE Mine today.

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Benefits of effective collaboration using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Share your GEOVIA files securely with your peers and stakeholders

Centralized control and view of mining data, providing a single source of truth on your business operations

Supervise entire projects with Gantt charts, reports, and project analytics

Annotate, mark-up and comment on files, and share them directly with anyone involved in your project

Create and access online communities enabling social interactions between you, your peers and experts

Leverage in-context task assignments to enable the right governance

Store everything in the cloud, using 3DDrive

Collaborate efficiently with traceability across the organization

Create and review content with standard, repeatable processes

Manage approval workflow by delegating tasks (manager) or triggering the approval process (employee)

Monitor project tasks, issues, and risks based on real-time information – view tasks at a glance using Kanban boards

Collaborate efficiently with traceability across the mining value chain