EXALEAD OnePart for Aerospace & Defense 

Fuselage, engines, connections… The costs of recreating parts are huge!

Aircraft manufacturers integrate massive amounts of parts into their planes and helicopters. With 2D/3D files stored in multiple databases throughout the enterprise, including the ERP and PDM systems, managing, finding, and reusing them can be overwhelming. It’s often easier for designers and engineers to just recreate the same parts, wasting time and money. So what’s the solution?

The EXALEAD OnePart integrated search experience is uniquely capable of adding similarity, metadata, and semantic-linked documents to shape search capabilities for designers and engineers to quickly find and reuse existing files of parts and related information.

It also empowers Production, Procurement, Quality, and After-Sales departments in minimizing investment and optimizing value for the company throughout product development.

Want to learn more and see the solution in action? Watch our Business and Technical Aerospace webcast to discover how OnePart can carry over your existing standard parts

  • Aircraft Manufacturers Market Overview 
  • The Benefits of ReUse in the Aerospace Industry
  • OnePart Demo and Features