SmarTeam Design Express for Multi-CAD: SolidEdge™

Manage all your SolidEdge™ design projects, together with all related product data, including other CAD data, in one database, all on one platform.

A Solid Foundation for Collaboration

Products and their manufacture have become increasingly complex, multiplying the challenges facing product engineers in managing day-to-day processes. As products have evolved from stand-alone goods to families of products, often incorporating many kinds of products in one, they involve increased production time, cost, part and manufacturing process complexity.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions can meet these challenges, but are often so demanding to implement and maintain that they become more trouble than benefit.  ENOVIA’s SmarTeam Engineering Express fits the needs of the mid-market – making PLM powerful, quick and simple.

To develop products successfully today, companies must maximize innovative features to beat competition while minimizing production costs to ensure profitability. While managing global suppliers, markets and customers, you must also accelerate responsiveness to bids, change requests and time to market, without adversely affecting product quality, selection, cost, and delivery schedules.

Complex challenges. Simple solution.

Unlike traditional PLM solutions requiring significant time, cost and process change to deploy, ENOVIA SmarTeam has been developed with years of experience and expertise serving the mid-market; SmarTeam Engineering Express incorporates this knowledge in a cost-effective and quick-to-implement item-centric PLM engineering solution that fits the budget, time and mind-set of mid-market manufacturers. It optimizes BOM management to significantly accelerate product launches and decreases the number and duration of costly change management processes. Roll out quickly, gradually and modularly expand at your own pace. Combining engineering best practices with automated workflows, management of every type of data and easy exchange with your ERP in one out-of-the-box solution simplifies your day-to-day work and speeds time to market!  

Mid-market manufacturers  will appreciate the quick-to-implement embedded best-practices for Top-Down and Concurrent Engineering across the entire product lifecycle, from concept to manufacturing, that improve productivity while maintaining low costs, high quality, compliance with standards and responsiveness to customer requirements.

The solution offers comprehensive management of the product structure. It offers a true multi-CAD advantage through integrations with the major CADs: CATIA (native integration, including LACD), Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD and NX/ I-deas as well as import/export from/to ERP and support for electronic CADs (EDA tools), software data management, MS Office documents and more. Your entire team will quickly adopt the simple step-by-step methodology for optimizing day-to-day product development processes through each and every stage of each and every product’s lifecycle. Working together smarter, you will launch your products faster.

See the Benefits of Expressing your Vision

  • Quick to implement; easy to learn – with a small investment; low risk and simple deployment
  • Maximizes control of engineering processes – with standardized business processes
  • Enhances collaboration – with enhanced communication and accelerated product development for faster time-to-market
  • Improves accuracy – with effective and fast reuse of existing data
  • Accelerates product launches– with higher productivity at a lower cost; increased profitability and return on investment (ROI).
  • Launchpad to V6 PLM Express – SmarTeam Engineering Express smoothly integrates with 3DLive for a life-like PLM experience in V5, preparing users for a smooth transition to V6

(We) have introduced a flexible ENOVIA SmarTeam (Engineering Express)-based methodology that provides the tools to efficiently manage all future business expectations.

Mat Burgess Development Manager, Solarcentury, UK