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Virtual Product Development

Deliver transformational innovations by connecting mechanical, electrical, systems and software designs into a single, holistic product definition.

The ENOVIA Virtual Product Development portfolio enables companies to cost effectively design and manufacture products. A multi-discipline, holistic product definition provides efficient and real-time collaboration across the value network, allowing companies of all sizes and industries to transform the innovation process and reduce design cycle times. Using a configured virtual product definition, teams can more flexibly explore and deliver product variants that address changing customer preferences. Connecting the entire value network to the innovation process reveals new collaboration opportunities and helps overcome challenges earlier in the development process. Standardization and modularity capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform further optimize speed to market and help ensure quality and compliance through reuse of previously qualified components. Previous investments in legacy applications are maintained by connecting third-party design data with the platform for collaborative, model-based engineering.

Key Benefits

  • Foster innovation through multi-discipline collaboration.
  • Cost-effectively design and manufacture products to address consumer preferences for personalization.
  • Apply standardization and modularity to reduce costs and speed time to market.
  • Ensure quality and compliance through reuse of previously qualified components.
  • Maximize investments in legacy product development applications.