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Intelligently define and execute a resilient products and services strategy that capitalizes on market opportunities.

The ENOVIA Planning portfolio connects every product or services portfolio definition with its product plan. This connection provides businesses with the agility to react quickly to changing market trends while maintaining clear traceability from requirements to delivery. Through proper planning on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, development and product cost targets can be achieved with higher confidence. Connecting program and project management capabilities with data from across the enterprise in a single dashboard provides the information intelligence necessary to make decisions that are more informed. With support for industry-specific processes from regulatory and materials compliance, to quality management and IP security programs, companies move from being document-based to knowledge driven.

Key Benefits

  • Gain confidence in achieving development and product cost targets.
  • Connect the value network to the planning process.
  • View real-time data from across the enterprise in a single, contextual dashboard.
  • Leverage data science to make informed planning decisions.
  • Proactively mitigate risks through real-time project monitoring and assessment.
  • Support industry-specific planning needs and requirements.
  • Establish sustainability goals that maximize product performance and minimize environmental impact.