Webinar CATIA Engineering Excellence Series (3/3) > Inclusive

Discover how CATIA’s Inclusive design capabilities empower all disciplines to participate more effectively in the global design process

A three part video series explains what’s new about CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE. Watch episode one to discover CATIA’s powerful new social capabilities:

1.    Intelligent 3DDashboards for better engineering decisions.  Dashboards that are fully customizable by the end user and provide collaborative workspaces with direct access to all relevant information.

2.    Unique real-time concurrent 3D design, that uses collaborative innovation of globally dispersed teams, to transform your product innovation process.  Design activities can be parallelized by allowing multiple designers to work on assemblies & components simultaneously.

3.    A single source of truth guarantees you quickly find and use the right data.  Eliminate wasted time spent searching for data through the use of powerful data indexing, searching & filtering capabilities that increases operational efficiency.