Tech-Clarity Insight: The Business of 3D Technical Communications

Communicating technical product information is a fundamental requirement to profitably sell and support today’s products. Documentation is a basic necessity, and in today’s cost-sensitive manufacturing firms it has to be efficient. But there is more at stake in improving communication processes than simply optimizing the documentation workload. Streamlining communication development can help improve time to market by taking technical documentation off of the critical path.

3D product communication goes beyond flat, static documents to incorporate richer, interactive, more realistic representation of products. Better communications leads to enhanced productivity of engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service. It also provides the opportunity to improve product quality (both actual and perceived) through better up-front design collaboration and clearer downstream communication.

The good news is that with the right 3D technology, companies can increase the efficiency of their technical documentation team, improve product documentation quality, and set the stage for even greater business benefits. Many products have followed a pattern of becoming better-faster-cheaper – offering more value for less cost. Technical documentation is now poised to follow the same path as it evolves to 3D product communications.