Revolutionize the product communication process for enterprises of all sizes

CATIA Composer simplifies and enhances your organization’s ability to create 2D and 3D images and interactive procedures for a full range of product communication.

The Most Complete System for Product Documentation

Without CATIA Composer, all changes to product data require time-consuming manual revisions and rework to technical documentation. With CATIA Composer, you can seamlessly incorporate design changes directly into the product communication to create up-to-date, accurate printed and interactive materials.

CATIA Composer can be quickly and easily integrated into your entire product communication process. This not only reduces costs, but also improves the quality and consistency of all documentation that you create throughout the lifecycle of your products.

Before CATIA Composer, any change in the product required expensive redo of the documentation.

After CATIA Composer, changes in your products can be easily incorporated into technical documentation, saving you time and money, getting you to market more quickly, and enabling you to improve your documentation capabilities.

Based on a lightweight, open, XML-based architecture, CATIA Composer allows non-technical users to create associative 2D and 3D technical illustrations, product documentation, interactive product experiences, and more – directly from 3D digital product data. CATIA Composer encourages reuse of 3D product data in departments such as manufacturing, service, support, training, sales, and marketing. Reuse of the digital product definition increases the value of that information while ensuring the creation of accurate, always-current deliverables.

Easily create documents:

  • Assembly work instructions
  • Field-service repair manuals
  • Customer-service procedures
  • User manuals
  • Web-based catalogs
  • Training materials

You can:

  • Eliminate expensive errors and redo work by quickly and easily updating all product documentation
  • Get new products to market faster and gain a competitive advantage
  • Leverage existing 3D designs in multiple CAD formats to produce accurate, up-to-date product
  • Enable technical and nontechnical staff to collaborate effectively during documentation production
  • Complete documentation illustrations in half the time
  • “Go Green” and implement paperless processes with interactive documents
  • Improve quality or yield rates by more than 30%

A complete system for product documentation

CATIA Composer is a desktop application for revolutionizing the creation of product deliverables...

CATIA Composer Player, a free utility, allows content creators to distribute CATIA Composer content to any end-user...

Engaging user experiences to interactive 3D documentation created with CATIA Composer can now be realized with CATIA Composer Player Pro. A complete set of advanced ActiveX API functions offer a way to develop and distribute robust and customized interactive 3D applications.

CATIA Composer Sync and CATIA Composer Enterprise Sync deliver sophisticated, XML-based associativity among CATIA Composer and any number of enterprise systems.