The virtual twin of Healthcare

What if we could holistically navigate all parts of the human body using virtual twins?

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digital twin

The virtual twin of human to help people live healthier lives

What if we could holistically navigate all parts of the human body using virtual twins?

The combination of virtual technologies, analytics and artificial intelligence is a powerful tool when seeking to visualize the molecular structure of a virus or to achieve innovation in clinical trials.

The patient-centric healthcare model requires a better understanding of the human body’s complexity, from DNA to cells, tissue, organs and the organism as a whole.

In addition, surgery is entering the era of digital simulation.

The virtual twin of humans is becoming a reality to help prepare for procedures and design the medical devices that a patient needs – make in order to prevent illness, provide care, target treatments and repair damage where necessary.

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Living Brain Project

Living Brain targets and imporves epilepsy Surgery Management and Prognosis project ususing Virtual Brain Technology.

Living Heart Project

The Living Heart Project aims to provide personalized patient care by advancing the development of safe and effective cardiovascular products and treatments.

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