In the dynamic landscape of green hydrogen production, electrolyzer manufacturers are at the forefront of a transformative shift.

By 2050, hydrogen will account for 10% of the world’s final energy consumption, with two-thirds coming from green hydrogen. The transition to clean hydrogen and investments into green hydrogen worth $240 billion are driving the need for safe, energy-efficient and innovative electrolyzers.

As the global demand for green hydrogen skyrockets, you must increase the competitiveness of your hydrogen production equipment to seize this golden opportunity and capture market demand. This involves enhancing product development from every angle, including design, manufacturing and after sales. But how well can your teams optimize product development before an electrolyzer is physically produced? The virtual twin is the key to delivering innovative electrolyzers.

Using the virtual twin as a lens to innovate, manufacture and future-proof your electrolyzers, you can identify blind spots while ensuring reliability and durability.


Get inspired by watching the Hydrogen Production Insights video series.

Read on to learn how the virtual twin can empower your teams to create safe and energy-efficient electrolyzers that will shape the future of green hydrogen production.

The Power of the Virtual Twin

To thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of green hydrogen production, you must prioritize competitiveness. Competitiveness extends beyond merely offering cost-effective equipment; it encompasses innovation, efficiency and sustainability. This is where the virtual twin comes into play as a game changer to achieve these objectives.

The virtual twin seamlessly intertwines the real and virtual worlds. It empowers your teams to make data-driven decisions in real time, from fine-tuning electrolyzer designs to optimizing manufacturing processes and reducing unplanned downtime. With its capacity to visualize, simulate, model and analyze, the virtual twin is a gateway to unlocking unprecedented innovation in green hydrogen production

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In this four-part series, industry experts reveal how you can deliver electrolyzers that meet the demands of green hydrogen production.

A Trusted Partner for Green Hydrogen Production

As your customers seek to amplify the production of green hydrogen, you must produce cutting-edge electrolyzers that are not only efficient and safe but also cost-effective.

By innovating through the lens of the virtual twin on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, you gain an end-to-end view across equipment design, manufacturing and after sales.

This allows you to offer innovative electrolyzers while increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By doing so, you can meet the surging demand for green hydrogen production and solidify your role as a trusted partner in the clean energy transition.

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