Take a step beyond service contracts

Every minute the machine is running translates into additional revenue. Equipment as a Service offers a more effective business operations and a simpler financial model based on pay per use or even better pay per outcome models. This enables OEM customers to replace their high capital expenditures (CAPEX) purchasing model with multi-year service agreements managed as operating expenses (OPEX)


This business transformation puts servicing at the forefront of the industrial equipment product development process. It also aligns OEM and OEM customers’ interests, provides a recurrent revenue flow and offers OEMs a much deeper customer intimacy through real-time operations intelligence. 


Plan machine maintenance before its running

Equipment as a Service is an industry solution experience powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that places service at the forefront of Industrial Equipment development. By incorporating service requirements in the design, machines will be faster and easier to maintain and also keep downtime to a minimum. Managing changes, track issues, and effectively reuse existing knowledge made more accessible to accelerate innovation, thereby creating new business opportunities that will propel their organizations to the next level.

Accessing up-to-date and trustworthy data from multiple heterogeneous sources including data generated by equipment, displayed in user-customized dashboards. 

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