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Raise your level of agility

Industrial Equipment companies need to break their own silos and empower their people to work together globally and collaboratively. As an agile enterprise you can respond quickly and effectively to changes in market demands and increase speed of delivery. 

Enterprise Agility is the ability to manage enterprise information systems and ecosystem of suppliers and customers in a way to reach full agility. And with one accurate source of information, you have the ability to design, sell, manufacture and service from anywhere. 


Use fast moving technology to rapidly meet changing customer demands

Unpredicted situations can and will occur. Fast moving businesses that have agile organizational end operating systems will overcome unforseen occurences and remain resilient. 

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides the adaptive technology for every organization to evolve and accelerate business while remaining agile. 

  • Design, Sell, Manufacture and Service from anywhere
  • Collaborate with suppliers and customers with a single source of truth
  • Transform business processes from operating on snapshots of information locked in files to operating on structured, living always up to date data (aka data driven). 
  • Break silos between business disciplines, improving collaboration and accelerating the pace of operations
  • Provide collaboration between a broader range of stakeholders formerly prevented from seeing the data they need to see
  • Enable openess to integrate with other enterprise information systems

Transforming Customer Relationships

Soosan Heavy Industries implemented the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and improved performance, reduced development costs and accelerated their time-to-market.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is the foundation to transform Soosan Heavy Industries into a champion of industrial equipment manufacturing.

Jae-sang Cho
Jae-sang Cho
Executive director of R&D Center at Soosan Heavy Industries

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