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For Industrial Equipment products – whether a manufacturing line, single machine, parts or equipment – customers want something unique and tailored to their exact requirements. The expectation of customization profoundly changes the dynamics of product transactions between manufacturers and customers.

Staying in sync with customers not only improves their experience, it helps guarantee successful outcomes. But how do you accomplish this personalized experience in the Industrial Equipment world? The key differentiator is the ability to provide a digital customized experience that involves customers throughout the entire product development process.

The modern industrial customer experience is one based on shared responsibilities for designing, operating, and maintaining products, shared data, and innovative business practices.  It's not enough to deliver the product itself; the customer’s experience of the product throughout its lifecycle must be modeled and often customized.  

A digital, customized experience is one that creates a supportive union for nearly every need - from conceptualizing innovative product ideas, interactions, and ecosystems, to realizing them and the environments they were designed for, to the adaptations and services needed throughout the whole lifecycle.

Managing the New Industrial Customer Experience

Supporting a dynamic, innovative, and mutually beneficial coalition with each customer provides a business outcome-driven differentiator to guide internal programs, projects, and allocations.

Provide a customized experience

A customized experience is derived from a new type of connected interaction between the customer and company that generates a higher level of success and satisfaction for both.

The goal of every business should be to provide customers with the best experience possible. With closer collaboration, customers gain confidence that the product will meet their needs. The technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution are the foundation for enhancing communication and collaboration to help Industrial Equipment companies re-shape how they engage with customers.

The use of automation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, big data and cloud computing are reshaping how customer relationships can be further cultivated. These technologies help manufacturers listen, collaborate and stay in sync with their customers to deliver what they want. Which in turn boosts their satisfaction and encourages loyalty, leading to word-of-mouth referrals and increased sales.

The Value of the Best Experiences Possible

With increasingly empowered customers come increasing demands for personalized products.  These forces are driving companies to leverage new technologies in order to satisfy their customers and stay ahead of the competition.  In this short article, learn how collaborative technologies are revolutionizing industry, helping you stay in sync with your customers.

We are not the largest manufacturer in the world so we must differentiate ourselves from our competitors through innovation and customer service. And to satisfy our customers, we must first know their needs. By involving customers we’ll receive instant feedback on new ideas and, more importantly, if they are relevant. This accelerates our development, which gives us a competitive advantage.

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Thomas BÖCK
Executive Board Technology & Systems, CLAAS Group

Jump into the experience together

Industrial Equipment companies are providing customized digital experiences to their customers and both are reaping incredible returns. With an open and flexible platform they ensure that innovation and technology go hand in hand with a perfect understanding of their customers' needs. 

Manufacturers work together with customers in an immersive, collaborative environment to deliver higher-quality products at a faster time to market. Easy-to-use tools such as 3D design, BOM management, product planning and program management, simulation capabilities, data management, manufacturing/operations planning, and configuration and change management capabilities are just some of the capabilities that are providing a competitive advantage.  

Know Your Customers and Innovate

From upgrading how they engage with customers to implementing collaborative systems, Industrial Equipment companies are transforming the product development lifecycle to ensure they deliver on the promise. Learn how CLAAS, 3CON and Globe Trailers are strengthening impressions with their customers.

Immersive technology facilitates better outcomes

Digitalization helps Industrial Equipment manufacturers re-think their customer engagements and provide a better, customized experience. New, disruptive technologies are the catalyst for how Industrial Equipment companies interact with their customers.  These technologies provide an immersive virtual environment where they can explore the product together, navigate freely around the scene or choose to teleport themselves to a new location. 

The New Industrial Experience transforms the buying process from a simple “order from a catalog” scenario to an integrated digital experience that facilitates the way equipment is designed, produced, delivered and serviced. A modern platform with capabilities such as virtual reality, IoT, 3D visualization, artificial intelligence and virtual simulation to make the end-to-end digital experience a reality. 

Virtual Reality Provides Immediate and Extremely Customized Experiences

Communicate and collaborate with 3D immersive experiences - from ideation to product launch - anywhere in the world for enhanced design and quality.

Get in sync with your customers

Serving industrial equipment customers is not an individual sport. You must walk side-by-side in order to successfully deliver what they want. The beauty of the 4th Industrial Revolution is in the disruptive technologies that create an immersive experience to enable close collaboration, imagination, governance and delivery. And these technologies are a lot easier to implement than may be perceived.

Make an impact on your customers. Enable them to do the same with theirs. Adopt a platform that enables a single source of truth, which in turn facilitates the innovation and collaboration - from conception to delivery – that delivers what was promised.

We are also interested in pushing the virtual reality facet even further by delivering high-end 3D virtual experiences to our sales force and customers

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