As a train arrives at its terminal station, the foundation for smooth rail services must already be laid: The right crew on standby, a clear plan for freight loading and unloading, and a comprehensive view of fleet and network capacity to prevent delays.

In addition to daily challenges, rail freight companies must operate efficiently in the face of rising risks, pressing environmental mandates and constricting regulations. Integrated solutions have become essential for a reliable and cost-effective rail network, as they offer an end-to-end experience covering all areas from crew operations to fleet monitoring and yard planning.

An Integrated Approach to Rail Freight Operations

Click on the numbers in the infographic below to discover how integrated planning can help you align resources, quickly adapt to changes and drive operational excellence across four key areas in rail freight operations:

Reinvent Rail Transportation Efficiencies

Rail freight companies must urgently establish efficient operations across their business. Relying on traditionally siloed systems and manual-based processes will overwhelm companies with inaccurate estimates of freight train arrival time, slow updates, empty container repositioning and disorganized tracking of rail cars.

By embracing connected and integrated planning, companies are empowered with visibility across all areas and time horizons so they can:

  • Optimize crew operations, maximize efficient shift time and curb crew fatigue to mitigate the skilled workforce shortage
  • Improve fleet management for punctual and streamlined operations, even when service disruptions occur
  • Fully utilize rail network capacity and provide accurate information to customers for high-quality rail freight services
  • Simulate resource allocation and yard planning to optimize terminal station activities and strengthen competitiveness
  • Prioritize crucial KPIs, explore what-if scenarios and determine the best tradeoff for the company’s operational strategy


Watch the video to discover – through statistical evidence – the extent of rail freight challenges worldwide and how integrated planning can help.

The Route to Optimized Rail Freight Operations

Operate Rail Lines Sustainably

The sustainability of rail transportation comprises the manufacturing, building and use of freight trains, for example: Which materials were utilized during construction? What fuel does the train consume, and how much? The environmental sustainability of rail freight is also tied to its operational efficiency. This means that improving operations presents a major opportunity for rail freight companies to achieve their sustainability and business goals.

Dassault Systèmes’ integrated planning solution leverages data science, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced simulation and the internet of things (IoT) within the virtual twin experience to help rail freight companies operate profitably, transport sustainably and implement best-in-class practices. When companies have control over every facet of their operations, they can make data-driven decisions that ensure operations remain reliable, safe, sustainable and affordable.

The Fastest Route to Reliable and Connected Rail Operations

Access our expert insights and adopt industry-leading practices to optimize and integrate your rail freight operations.

Lead Rail Freight Transport Distinctly

With a portfolio of solutions crafted to the distinct requirements of rail freight operations, Dassault Systèmes can help companies lead a future-ready rail freight industry. DELMIA for Rail Freight offers capabilities to optimize all planning areas and time horizons, from day-to-day operations to long-term scheduling.

When integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, companies can simulate effective solutions to mitigate daily disruptions, run efficient rail freight services and roll out sustainability initiatives, ultimately adding value to their service offerings for future business growth.

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Through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Dassault Systèmes offers Business Services industry solution experiences to empower rail freight companies to overcome their challenges.