Achieve greater resilience with integrated logistics

Merge the real and the virtual worlds into a digital value network to more effectively ramp up efficiencies, maintain profitability and keep your employees safe.

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Transform logistics operations with a fully digitalized value network

Today’s global value chains are facing disruptions on an unprecedented scale – from reduced workforces and intensified labor, to tighter health and safety protocols, to severely restricted movement of goods.


Given the sector’s complex, interconnected services and market, uncertainty and volatility, how can logistics firms quickly pivot to alternatives that will enable them thrive under pressure? How can they maintain high service levels to meet increased demand?


Firms need to transform their  operations with an integrated, fully digitalized value network to strengthen supply chain resiliency and allow them to:

Strengthen resilience with data driven decision-making

Increase productivity and contain costs

Digitalize business processes end to end and increase transparency

Optimize resource planning

Merge the virtual world with real world and replicate your entire value network with the virtual twin

Collaborate seamlessly across inter company and multi modal scenarios


Achieve greater resilience with integrated logistics

The companies that will thrive are those that  are equipped to change course swiftly at no risk before executing. This becomes possible with end-to-end digitalization - connecting the dots between people, data and processes and pairing a digitalized value network  with the simulation capabilities of the virtual twin, all powered by the right platform.  The virtual twin replicates your entire value network — operations,systems and processes, each characterized with the requirements and constraints that are unique to your business. When fully connected to your operations, it continuously updates itself to reflect the disruptions happening in the real world, along with their impact on every aspect of your logistics business.


Dassaut  Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform and 3DEXPERIENCE twins enable you  to design, simulate, plan and execute your operations throughout your value network to help you overcome  disruption, ramp up efficiency, keep employees safe and maintain profitability – even in times of disruption.  This way, you can merge the real world with the virtual world and achieve integrated logistics, strengthening resilience for now and in the future.

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