What are the trends changing Logistics Service Providers landscape?


Sustainable Logistics by Design

Transport of goods affects air pollution. The European Commission Report states that sustainable logistics is a key challenge to ensure that transport systems meet society’s economic, social and environmental needs whilst minimizing their undesirable impacts on the economy, society and environment.CO2 emissions from road freight have risen by more than 20% since 1995. Out of 1.62 billion tons of truck emissions in Europe, roughly one quarter are caused by trucks running empty. 


By optimizing logistics across the supply chain, reduce costs and increase sustainability with improved efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption



Warehouse Automation and Robotics

The use of robotics in warehouses offers greater levels of uptime and increase in productivity. Leveraging robotics in warehouses cuts labour costs and helps companies to run their business day and night.


DS solutions help design, model, and simulate virtual twins for the adoption of automation systems and robotics into processing facilities. Not only a Virtual twin of operations but also a Live twin fed from sensor data from the facilities. Before investing in CAPEX of before the next big change, imagine and simulate it, to validate the benefits virtually.




Logistics Partner Collaboration

Digital transformation, sustainability and cost driven strategies make companies embrace collaboration.Supporting the ideation process, documentation, until launch, to help ideas flourish.


Cloud Logistics is a web based supply chain management solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers support for multiple collaborative processes and areas across the company, breaking traditional silos. Providing visibility, data science capabilities, and advanced optimization among many other functions.


Optimization of Warehouse Operations

Putting advanced optimization algorithms to work for the company, is a safe bet for value across any company, and in Logistics it has proven worthy already for years. 


From optimization of facilities processing, transportation planning and routing, resources utilisation (fixed and movable), to the planning of the most valuable resource (employees) and their preferences, have uses cases with multiple benefits to improve employee engagement, customer satisfaction and boost profitability.




Customer Care

Logistics companies cope with large  amounts of unstructured and structured data. This data might come from emails, chatbots, customer feedback, blogs and social media. Analyzing and generating valuable insights from this data enhances customer satisfaction by providing  responses to customers that are faster and appropriate.

Unlocking Agility in Logistics

Modernize your operations to establish your company as a leader in logistics

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