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Sustainable Logistics by Design

Transport of goods affects air pollution. The European Commission Report states that sustainable logistics is a key challenge to ensure that transport systems meet society’s economic, social and environmental needs whilst minimizing their undesirable impacts on the economy, society and environment.CO2 emissions from road freight have risen by more than 20% since 1995. Out of 1.62 billion tons of truck emissions in Europe, roughly one quarter are caused by trucks running empty. 


By optimizing logistics across the supply chain, reduce costs and increase sustainability with improved efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption


Sync With Customers for Logistics Success

Discover how natural language processing  helps postal and express companies uncover value from customer insights data at every stage of the logistics journey.

Unlocking Agility in Logistics

Modernize your operations to establish your company as a leader in logistics

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Thinking about logistics earlier and gaining flexibility to make decisions that can reduce the carbon footprint of a project, as well as building greater resilience to supply chain disruption.
Postal and Express
Optimize the parcel from pick up to delivery
Rail Freight
Moving Rail Freight Forward
Sea Freight
Optimize shipping from port to port
Air Cargo
Better Cargo Planning

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