The New Logistics Strategy

Today’s global supply chains are in a state of flux. Shutdowns, border restrictions, volatile demand and mounting health and safety regulations are among the disruptions that are reshaping the way logistics companies operate. The firms with the strength and resilience to respond fast and overcome disruptions are more critical than ever. And they must optimize operations to continue meeting customer demands, driving high performance and ensuring profitability no matter how the market evolves.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, logistics firms have accelerated the adoption of digital tools and solutions. The importance of digitalization in building resilience in operations is indisputable. However, the real value lies not in tools and solutions, but in the ability to design, plan and execute logistics operations from end to end on a fully digitalized platform.

When paired with simulation capabilities of the virtual twin, logistics firms can drive business outcomes in an even more powerful way. The virtual twin is a virtual model of your entire logistics operations. It continuously accumulates data to reflect the state and behavior of your operations as it responds to disruptions in the real world. When you are able to visualize, optimize and make accurate predictions, you can be confident in solving the most complex business challenges and unlocking new sources of value.

Thrive under pressure with end-to-end digitalization

The possibilities of digitalized and fully integrated logistics operations are limitless. In a market shaped by volatility, these capabilities are the foundation for a truly resilient business that can recover fast from disruption and optimize for the best outcomes.

A fully integrated and digitalized approach allows you to:

  • Connect the dots across your value chain for end-to-end visibility of your operations
  • Gain valuable insights into your operations with advanced supply chain analytics
  • Improve data-driven decision-making and collaboration
  • Simulate and evaluate the outcomes of complex planning scenarios before executing them
  • Create strategic network design that justifies investment costs from first to last mile
  • Reflect real-time changes to quickly pivot to alternatives when last-minute disruptions hit
  • Enhance employee health and safety by simulating work environments to eliminate risks

Truly Resilient Logistics Operations

End-to-end digitalization paired with the virtual twin is the answer to building a robust and resilient logistics operations.

Equip your network with a host of digital capabilities that provides the insights you need to drive smart decision-making throughout your organization, optimize planning across time horizons and overcome disruptions with speed, agility and accuracy.

Improve Logistics Resilience with End-to-End Digitalization

In our ebook, discover how an end-to-end digitalized network together with the virtual twin that models and designs the foundation of your network enable you to run resilient operations and thrive under pressure – now and in the future.

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